In Which It Begins

A few weeks ago, Big Sprout came home from school and asked me about doing school at home.

It’s not like it was completely out of the blue. The Man and I agonized over what the best option for Big was for kindergarten. Big’s birthday is in August, so we could have held him back, or we could homeschool, or send him to the public school, or try to get him into one of the charter schools in the valley. We decided to send him to the local public school, with the stipulation that we would watch carefully and pull him out if needed. I feel strongly that we should allow kids to have input on these decisions, so Big knew he had other options. I’m not sure why exactly he decided to pursue homeschool, but I want to follow his lead. I do think his education will be better tailored to his personality at home.

I just sent in the affidavit legally required to bypass compulsory schooling laws, and emailed his teacher a few minutes ago. Friday will officially be his last day of kindergarten at a public school. It’s a bittersweet feeling, and definitely makes me a little nervous. I’m feeling good about this choice though. *deep breath* Here we go.


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